A700-EST™ IS

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A700-EST™ IS

Integrated System to Detect Elevated Skin Temperature

Product Description

The A700-EST™ IS is a non-contact screening tool designed to detect elevated skin temperatures that can be a first line of defense against potential health risks. This fully integrated, scalable solution pairs the revolutionary A700 thermal camera with a high definition, user-friendly interface. Easy to deploy, the A700-EST IS detects and visualizes heat to quickly identify individuals with elevated skin temperatures. Anyone displaying an elevated temperature can then be screened using a thermometer or other medical device.

Screens individuals in just seconds or, when used with multiple cameras in high traffic spaces, spots anomalies in skin temperatures to quickly identify individuals who may need a medical temperature check

The screening function is quickly executed by large, colored indicators on-screen. Privacy is ensured through an avatar display

Simple set up: uses only two cables and PoE to operate the camera and touchscreen display. Once the system is fully powered on initial set up, calibration takes approx.10 minutes to complete before ready for use