FLIR Elara™ R-190

Elara FB-Series ID
FLIR Elara™ R-190

Commercial Ground Radar

Product Description

The FLIR Elara R-190 is a compact ground radar used to detect and provide early warning of intruders as part of a larger video surveillance system. Radars can track targets in all weather and lighting conditions and dynamically map them in real-time for position intelligence. The Elara R-190 features a 90-degree field of view and up to a 300-meter range for vehicle tracking and a 125-meter range for human tracking, providing wide-area protection and situational awareness beyond the fence line. With simultaneous tracking of up to 32 targets and geolocation capability, the Elara R-190 can activate alarms and guide PTZ cameras for visual verification to maximize security coverage and increase the amount of time available to react to a threat.

Receive advanced warning of intrusions beyond the fence line. Scan field of view up to 10 times per second for fast target detection and smooth tracking of humans and vehicles.

Continuously track and precisely locate up to 32 targets simultaneously, and quickly intercept threats in any environmental or weather condition.

Integrate radar target tracking information with video management systems (VMS) for precise accuracy and full control.