Quasar 4 x 2K Panoramic

Elara FB-Series ID
Quasar 4 x 2K Panoramic

Convertible 180° / 360° Mini-Dome Camera

Product Description

The FLIR Quasar™ Quad Sensor Camera is designed to address any application that requires full coverage of a wide area surveillance, in either 180° or 360° degree field of view. Thanks to its patent-pending, one-step conversion process, the camera features a single form factor that is field configurable to either 180° or 360° mode. The Quad Sensor capability completes FLIR’s offering of wide area full coverage, typically required for city surveillance deployments, critical infrastructure, airports and any other high-profile wide area security applications.

180°/360° FIELD OF VIEW
Display a single, 180° panoramic scene or achieve full 360° coverage using four individual views.

The Quasar Quad Sensor Camera applies automatic lens distortion correction when stitching together imagery from each 2K sensor.

The camera features H.264 / H.265 compression and is compliant with ONVIF Profile S/G.