About Us


Secu Solutions is a Level 2 BBEEE Contributor, whilst many companies have contributed to BBEE, we have been innovative with our BBEEE Status, with our staff of SecuSolutions being shareholders of Ukhupha who attains ownership of SecuSolutions. A transparent upliftment program has been instituted to benefit our staff ensuring we all work to attain the same goals and aspirations. PSIRA Registered providing innovative security technology solutions, Design, Supply, Install, Support and Maintenance to variable markets from residential, industrial and the mining sector. This includes all parameters that surround the technology sector of Security.

SECU Solutions was established in 2017 as a value-adding service provider and high-level consultancy service to the South African security industry and created due to the success of Secu Exports. We have built a reputation of providing reliable, innovative, and flexible custom-made solutions to the high value strategic sectors throughout South Africa.

We have matured our supply chain model to ensure our Intellectual Property (IP) remains current to delivering on the unique requirements of the African markets and environments. We provide 360_ technical and technological security solutions – from sourcing the highest quality products and design solutions to delivering, installing and providing ongoing support and maintenance to all our clients. Our people however are what really sets us apart and every single one of our hand-picked team brings technical experience and expertise to the table that allows us to evaluate client challenges and make recommendations that translate into effective, customised long-term solutions.

We consistently deliver the right solution to complex security problems.


  • To work in partnership with our clients to develop future-proofed security and safety solutions that are cost effective, relevant and class-leading
  • To consistently deliver a superior product range that meets and exceeds the market benchmark
  • To facilitate centralised procurement that drives value up and costs down
  • To provide world-class logistical service delivery that goes the extra mile
  • To support our clients with superior in-field technical support and implementation
  • To work with passionate staff and experts that have the required skills and ‘know-how’ to facilitate an end-to-end solution
  • To always ensure our customers are secure and their assets protected to the best of our ability
  • Our main aim is to ensure consistent aftersales service.

SECU Solutions is widely regarded as the leading service provider of security and life safety products and services in South Africa