Triton™ FH-Series ID

Elara FB-Series ID
Triton™ FH-Series ID

Multispectral Fixed Camera for Perimeter Protection

Product Description

The FLIR Triton FH-Series ID are ruggedized, multispectral fixed cameras that integrate industry-leading thermal imaging with 4K visible imaging to provide reliable intruder-detection capabilities for perimeter security. Built-in convolutional neural network (CNN) analytics accurately detect and classify human and vehicle threats moving at high or low speeds, minimizing false alarms and daily operations costs. Custom scheduling enables security operators to set intrusion analytics to run on visible streams during the day and on thermal streams throughout the night, establishing optimized coverage for any lighting condition.

Integrates 640 × 512 resolution thermal imaging and a 4K visible sensor into a single camera for optimal performance in any environment or lighting condition

Minimize false alarms and the cost of daily operations by using on-camera video analytics that run on both the visible and thermal spectrum for robust intrusion detection of humans and vehicles

Deploy this camera as part of a Teledyne FLIR end-to-end solution or in combination with preferred third-party solutions